We were founded out of passion for modern technologies for creating energy-efficient and intelligent homes, design and ecological lifestyle.

Aristo (Greek: Άριστο) - translated: perfect, excellent, great, exemplary - this is how we imagine our homes.


At the same time, the company's name is a tribute to Aristotle - one of the greatest philosophers, creator of logic and natural science. Aristotle's philosophy assumes the enormous cognitive capabilities of human reason and senses.

Our Mission

is to achieve a balance between meeting the needs of our customers, durability, modern technologies, design and respect for the Earth's resources.

Our projects

Our team

ARISTO ECO HOME are people who, every day, create homes with passion for people who are not indifferent to ecology. The Aristo team is a mix of engineers with experience in prefabrication of frame buildings, environmental protection engineers, renewable energy experts and people with no experience but positively crazy about sustainable management of natural resources. It is no accident that we located our plant in the vicinity of the Bolimowska Forest, in Skierniewice, called the Capital of Horticultural Sciences.
People who interact with nature on a daily basis can appreciate it more, which translates into creative solutions that respect nature and unique design. We implemented the project with the support of the Łódź Special Economic Zone within the Polish Investment Zone, competent representatives of the City and Commune of Skierniewice and a chain of positive people.


We create energy-efficient houses and hotels using massive frame technology using KVH and LVL construction wood. We use technologically advanced CNC lines that guarantee 100% repeatability and precision in mass production, which directly affects the tightness of connections and a high thermal coefficient. Our houses work perfectly with other pro-ecological technologies such as: photovoltaic installations, heat pumps, heat recovery, "breathing" partitions, diffusively open on both sides, ventilated facades, energy-saving window joinery and vertical outdoor gardens in a patented solution called FarmWall. The functionality and durability of our projects are on par with design and respect for the environment - maintaining balance is our mission.
Our technology has little in common with the technology of American houses, popularly known as "Canadians". Our buildings are constructed to an energy-saving standard of less than 40 kWh/m2/year, very similar to passive buildings. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship and compliance with production standards set by the most demanding markets in Europe, our houses are covered by a 30-year manufacturer's warranty.


Innovative technological line in a newly built hall in Skierniewice

The Aristo Eco Home production hall with an area of ​​3,000 m2 was built in 2021. The location of the hall is not accidental. The hall was built in the Łódź Special Economic Zone in the industrial district of Skierniewice, in the central part of Poland, from where there are very good transport connections. The close proximity of highways favors good logistic organization in cooperation with contractors.


There is a numerically controlled line set up in the hall, starting from cutting wood for prefabrication, assembling the structure, covering the structure with boards, then cutting holes and cutting off the board protruding beyond the outline of the structure. 

Dietrich's design program is used to design and later translate the completed project into the language of numerically controlled machining centers. 

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