Task titled:

"Purchase and installation of a photovoltaic installation

at Aristo Eco Home in Skierniewice"

was implemented with the participation of the Provincial funds

Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund

in Łódź in the form of a loan

Value of the project: PLN 460,000.00 ​​​​​​ PLN

Loan from WFOŚIGW in Łódź: PLN 414,000.00

Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Łódź:

Project scope:

The main subject of the task is the preparation by the General Contractor of technical documentation for the photovoltaic power plant and its construction, i.e. the investment titled "Construction of a power plant/photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 99.84 kW in Skierniewice" located on the buildings of the property at ul. Rybickiego 30 /plot no. 607/7, MIASTO SKIERNIEWICE district.
Stages of task implementation:

stage I preliminary

design stage II

stage III of construction

The scope of the task regarding the preparation of technical documentation ("initial stage I") includes:

Environmental and development approvals, if required

Determining the conditions for connection to the power grid

Preparation of complete design documentation along with obtaining the permits required by law for the task titled: 'Construction of a photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 99.84 kW' for Aristo Eco Home Sp. z o. o. Sp.k. at ul. Rybickiego 30 in 96-100 Skierniewice ("design stage II") includes:

preparation of an application for connection conditions for a photovoltaic installation with a total capacity of 99.84 kW

technical/executive design

agreeing the designed solutions with the appropriate energy company

The scope of the task regarding the construction of a photovoltaic installation ("stage III of construction") includes:

DC side of PV power plant:

delivery of modules and supporting structure

delivery of inverters, cabling and DC protection

installation of DC elements of the photovoltaic system and inverters

delivery and installation of DC switchboards

performing measurements and preparing protocols for the DC range of the PV system

AC side of PV power plant:

construction of AC cable routes

making cable connections from inverters

execution of cable connections from the RPV to the main low-voltage switchboard

delivery and installation of the RPV switchgear

installation of measurement systems for energy generated along with adaptation of the existing PV power plant to new operating conditions

adaptation of the measurement and billing system, replacement of transformers on the medium voltage side of the medium voltage

performing measurements and preparing protocols

surveying services and participation in the launch