General characteristics of our construction

As ARISTO, we make our clients' dreams come true. We create energy-efficient houses using the so-called technology. German, using a massive frame using construction wood. Due to the fact that wood is a natural raw material, buildings create an exceptionally favorable microclimate, which has a positive impact on human health and well-being.
For the production of prefabricated building partitions, we use advanced CNC lines that guarantee, in mass production, 100% repeatability and high precision of workmanship, which directly affects the tightness of connections and excellent heat transfer coefficients in all partitions. Our technology has little in common with the technology of American houses, popularly known as "Canadians". We place modern technology on an equal footing with respect for natural resources. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship and compliance with production standards set by the most demanding markets in Europe, our houses are covered by a 30-year manufacturer's warranty.

Our projects

Our technology is based on STEICO technology

Our technology, unlike the traditional technology of hollow concrete, PUR foam, Styrofoam, ensures open diffusion  of walls on both sides, which  directly translates  into high  air quality  inside the house all year round and  minimization of  allergic factors. Our houses "breathe" and  are  very warm in winter  and  cool in summer, with little energy demand  . Thermal insulation  of external partitions is based on the wood  wool insulation system  of the German company Steico.
The massiveness of the 160 mm wide structure, thermal insulation of  external partitions up to 245  mm and  energy-saving window joinery  allow the creation of buildings in  a low-energy standard. External walls,  according to  Steico technology are tightly covered with a vapor barrier membrane from the  inside and a Universal board from the outside, which serves as both insulation and  windproofing  . The accuracy of the membrane connection is ensured by properly  selected tapes according to:  Steico technology. The same applies to the connections of window  and  door frames with  walls. Correct execution of these works significantly improves  the building's energy efficiency.

Our Partitions

Innovative technological line in a newly built hall in Skierniewice

The Aristo Eco Home production hall with an area of ​​3,000 m2 was built in 2021. The location of the hall is not accidental. The hall was built in the Łódź Special Economic Zone in the industrial district of Skierniewice, in the central part of Poland, from where there are very good transport connections. The close proximity of highways favors good logistic organization in cooperation with contractors.

There is a numerically controlled line set up in the hall, starting from cutting wood for prefabrication, assembling the structure, covering the structure with boards, then cutting holes and cutting off the board protruding beyond the outline of the structure. 


Dietrich's design program is used to design and later translate the completed project into the language of numerically controlled machining centers. 

More about production

Our technology - we cooperate with the best

ARISTO houses work perfectly with other pro-ecological technologies, such as: photovoltaic PV installations, heat pumps, heat recovery, while improving energy efficiency, approaching passive buildings in terms of parameters.
Photovoltaic systems

Advantages of our technology compared to traditional construction and lighter structures

Heavy frame technology, the so-called German - cross-section of wood min. 60 mm x 160 mm - we get durability with increased energy efficiency.
The primary energy coefficient EP is achieved in the range of 15-50 kW/m2/year - for comparison, traditional construction reaches values ​​of 160 kW/m2/year
Speed ​​of implementation - we have ready-made designs and we prefabricate partitions in the factory (with windows and façade).
Accuracy and repeatability - most of the work is performed in the factory in constant conditions, using precise numerically controlled machines, regardless of weather conditions.
Steico technology and materials
Ventilated facade - Rockpanel boards - we can finish assembled buildings, regardless of weather conditions.
Tall windows with a very good heat transfer coefficient < 0.8 W/m2xK - despite their huge dimensions, we achieve good energy efficiency of the building.
We use natural materials - we are ecological.
We create a favorable microclimate - our buildings are friendly to household members.


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